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Situated in the city’s prestigious neighbourhood, the Pearl Residence at Jalan Stonor is situated next to iconic establishments such as the Petronas Twin Towers.

The refurbishment of The Pearl’s Lobby included the Entrance,

Lobby Lounge, Lift Lobbies and Reception Concierge. The old-world opulence of the original designs was exchanged for a lighter, bright and luminous atmosphere with changes to wall treatments, furniture and lighting. Framed archways cladded in Emperador marble while flanked by rippled bronze glass panels at the arrival lobby provided a grand statement as guest arrived.

Insertions of customized bronze mirror and metal panels from the entrance running through the lounge and lift lobbies breathed new life into the space. A series of customized hand-tufted carpets led residents and guests from down the extended corridor of the lobby. Pearlescent textiles and accessories added a touch of intimate luxury to the lounge areas.  

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