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The challenge presented by Forest in the City, was to create a natural coherence between nature and an urban environment. These scattered elements were unified by replicating different environments of forest garden topology into public spaces, as well as incorporating various textures from nature into the actual building structures.

Imagine walls of lush green on both sides, simultaneously melding perfectly with modern steel-like structures flowing into an endless mirror ceiling. Cocooned in the centre, sits the scale model display in a prominent position, while inviting lounge areas on both sides to create spaces of reflection and privacy.

As guest wander through the urban forest corridor, the stumble across two feature walls of precision curbed marble emulating the micro textures of a leaf. Plush velvet armchairs mimic the sumptuous touch of dewy moss, while a playful pebble landscape to the side of the gallery curls round a private rest area nestled within lush greenery. Little details such as bespoke pendant light made from glass that inflects the texture of a tree bark generates a unique experience of one wandering amongst forest, within a city’s context. All at once, there is a distinct experience of having wandered into a forestland.

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